Hearts and Aces by Kaylie Hunter

Book 7 in the Kelsey's Burden series

After a mission in Mexico goes sideways, a cartel is looking for payback against the men of Aces. Kelsey heightens security measures and searches for a way to resolve the conflict, but while busy protecting the family—she fails to protect her heart as Grady returns with his ex.

While juggling to thwart the cartel, solve a pile of backlogged cases, and lead her team in the first annual Silver Aces employee tournament, she must also examine her future, deciding who she wants by her side.

The story continues in Book Seven: Hearts and Aces. Prepare yourself for a novel brimming with fast-paced action, complex crime solving, sassy humor, and your favorite unpredictable characters, including a guest appearance by Tweedle from Slightly Off Balance.

Favorite quote: “It wasn’t easy being stealthy in three-inch heels.” – Chapter 36

“These books leave me on the edge of my seat desperately wanting more.” – Amazon Reviewer