From the Moment We Met by M.L. Broome

Book 1 in the A Series of Moments series

Jacob Edmonton has a plan for his life, but it doesn’t include love. He was Hollywood’s quintessential golden boy—until a flash-in-the-pan fling with a high-profile singer upended his world—and his reputation. Now he’s nursing more than a wounded ego and his only goal is to repair the damage.

But his return to superstardom is shot to hell when his sister winds up undergoing emergency surgery. There he meets Lilly Staver, a straight-shooting nurse who’s as brutally honest as she is beautiful. She sees through his suave façade and he wants to hate her until he realizes he can’t resist her.

Lilly knows all about men like Jacob Edmonton—if you’ve seen one pretentious, egocentric celebrity—you’ve seen them all. She’s unimpressed with his Hollywood pedigree and his belief that love is reserved solely for maniacs. So why can’t she stop thinking about him? Her mind tells her to run as fast as she can from Jacob…but her heart isn’t listening.

Love as they know it just took a hairpin turn into uncharted territory, but when Jacob’s former girlfriend shows up with an opportunity to salvage his career, will he choose the life he knows or the love he never knew existed?

This is the first book in the trilogy ‘A Series of Moments', chronicling the timeless and heart-wrenching love story of Jacob Edmonton & Lilly Staver.

Honestly, I ended up loving this book. It made me feel a million feelings. Victoria is ruthless, Jacob is complicated, Jacob's family is fantastic, Enrique will have you cheering for the other guy in some parts of the book, Lilly is the sweetest person ever, and her friends are the kind of friends you should want to have in life. I felt like this book described parts of my life entirely. If you're looking for a great romance story that will take you for a wild ride, then you need to purchase a copy of this book. The story was so well written, and I had to give it five stars. Just indeed, a beautiful read! ~ Amazon Reviewer