A Second Chance by Augustina Van Hoven

Book 1 in the Love through Time series

A single moment changed Jessica Winters’ life forever… a drunken driver crossed over the centerline and stole the lives of her husband and her little boy. Now, she is trying to find meaning in her life, and she has immersed herself into the world of journalism. While on her way to cover a story, she swerves to miss a deer, and loses control of her car.

When she awakens, everything has changed—even the century.

Captain Harlan Jefferson Baylor had found Jessica, unconscious and, to his eye, half-dressed, and he had taken her to the only person he thought would offer help: the local madam. But he’s intrigued by her, and it’s the first time that’s happened since his wife and child died during the Civil War.

With Harley’s help, Jessica must piece together a new life in the rough, antiquated town. She soon realizes that he not only holds the key to her return to her former life, but he may also hold the key to her heart.

This was the first romance novel that I have ever read. I have always been a reader of non-fiction. Augustina's “A Second Chance” Vol. 1 was fantastic in every way. I could not put the book down. The end of each chapter kept me coming back for more as I was curious about the events in the next chapter. I just kept reading. Thank goodness I am retired! I could relate to the strong character in Jessica Winters and her resourcefulness in surviving in 1876. Harley's fascination with Jessica made me fascinated with Harley. And Mai Ling was the perfect character to help her friends make their relationship work. I enjoyed the author talking about coffee in 1876: “She was 128 miles and ninety-five years away from the nearest Starbucks.” Also, how would Jessica describe a modern sports bar to Harley (a saloon owner) with all of the electronics in various TVs playing sports games, mixed drinks, too. The author is a gifted writer and I don't know how I am going to pass the time until Vol 2 comes out in May 2018! – Amazon customer