Nailing the Single Dad by Sylvia McDaniel

The Heat is On

My pet name for him is Detective Baby Daddy. Why so harsh, you ask? Because Antonio Marino represents everything I detest in a guy. Unfortunately, we’re both after the same criminal. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me since I always get my man, but Antonio’s boss has ordered us to work together or go to jail. Now I’m wondering who I’ll take down in handcuffs first– Detective Baby Daddy or the trafficking scumbag Torres.

If you ask me, she’s a bounty hunter with a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas and a bad attitude to match. You’d think Katherine McKenzie and I hate each other, but I think all this fire and spark between us is a way to resist a building attraction. God help both of us. And now, my boss has instructed me to work with her…or else. Of all the damn luck.


Read an Excerpt:

When she whirled around, there stood her worst nightmare. The handsome Detective Dickhead, Antonio Marino.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Antonio asked, glaring at her as he walked to her side. 
She smiled. “Detective Dickhead, why I'm only after what every girl comes here to do. Looking for a hook up.”
The man scanned her dress. “Bounty hunter slut, you certainly wore the right disguise tonight. Who are you after?”
The man's words made her want his balls as she stared at him. “Don't interfere in my arrest.”
“No, honey, you don't get to arrest them. I do. All you do is nab a man and haul his ass to jail.”
“Wouldn't I love to haul your ass to the pokie,” she said. “Now go away, I'm working.”
“In that skin-tight dress, where did you hide your gun?”
“Wouldn't you like to know. Now go.”
The music began to blare in the bar and couples got up to dance while Katherine stood there and swayed to the beat trying to act like she was alone. 
“Do you tango?”
In surprise, her head swiveled to the detective who continued to stand by her side. 
“Yes,” she said. “Do you?”
“Yes,” he replied. 
“Of course, you do. That's how you landed your first woman and became a baby daddy.”
“Someday, when we're not working, you need to explain to me why you think I'm a baby daddy.”
“Why should I? You know the truth. Don't need an explanation from me,” she said, her voice filling with the anger that consumed her whenever she thought about a man impregnating a woman and leaving her. Then she saw her prey. “Now bug off. My bounty just walked in the door.”
The detective looked out at the crowd. “Oh, hell no, he's mine.”
“First one who gets him, keeps him.”
With a quick glare at Antonio, she began to walk toward Mateo Torres, a determined step in her six-inch heels. The man was alone and when he saw her, he grinned. “Chica, you're looking hot tonight.”
“You're the first man who's walked through the door that I got all flushed when I looked at you.”