Vow of Revenge by Autumn Archer


From International Bestselling Author Autumn Archer comes a heart-wrenching, emotional, dark anti-hero standalone.

Some would say I’m broken, but when you’ve seen the horror that I’ve seen, there’s no going back.
One single memory haunts me, playing on repeat.
His blood. His shock. His murder.
From that fateful day on – Women. Are. The. Enemy.
I’ve become immune to the sound of their breaking hearts as I reap my justice.
Then Freya Beaumont gate crashes the party, staring at me with unsettling fiery eyes that question my revenge.
I hate how the tone of her voice teases me, trying to draw me in.
I hate that I want to play my cruel game, just so I can touch her all over again.
But most of all, I hate her – even though I want her.
Fate has brought us together and hate will keep us apart because I am Kaleb De Courcy, and she's nothing to me.

“I can't find the words to describe my feelings at this very moment. I just finished and…. I am still in awe. In awe of this beautiful, dark and emotional story.” — Rady Reads, Goodreads