Twisted Lies by Robin Patchen


She thought they’d never find her…
Marisa Vega’s life as an adoptive mom in a tiny Mexican village isn’t what she’d dreamed while growing up in New York, but as the target of a man who’s convinced she stole millions from him, hiding is her only way to stay alive. When her daughter Ana is snatched and held for ransom, Marisa must discover who really stole the money in order to rescue her.
He swore he’d never play the hero again.
Months after being kidnapped, tortured, and left with PTSD, Nate Boyle is ready to live a quiet life in rural New Hampshire. When the source of his breakout newspaper article—and the woman who haunts his dreams—begs for help, he gets pulled into a riddle that’s proved unsolvable for nearly a decade.
Can Nate and Marisa unravel the years-old mystery and bring her daughter home?
As Nate and Marisa struggle to find the true thieves, their attraction to one another grows. But there'll be no chance for love until little Ana is safe in in her mother's arms.

“This suspenseful thriller will keep you reading into the night!” Amazon Reviewer