Hunted by Jessica Aspen


Killing her is his mission.
Hers is survival.
Neither of them expects love…

Swept away to the land of faery, Trina MacElvy’s falling in love with the enemy—and the one thing that might save her is the one thing she never thought she’d need…true love’s kiss.

As Huntsman, the last thing Logan expects is to fail in his mission. But one sight of the witch he’s been sent to kill changes everything. Now, instead of riding to kill Trina, he’s riding to save her…

An evil queen, a dangerous man, and a witch, tangled together in a tale of Snow White.

Immerse yourself in Jessica Aspen’s fast-paced fantasy romance…clever, sexy, and just a little on the dark side. Download HUNTED today.

* Fairy Tale Romance * Kidnapping * Enemies to Lovers *

“Enter a world of magic and myth as old as time. Enter a world of love and mystery so new and refreshing you will want to jump right in and take a bite! Jessica Aspen's writing will grip you from start to finish and leave you wanting to snatch up the next book and keep right on going. Her characters are so real, you will begin to wonder if they are fictional or if the author knows something you don't. Grab a copy today and fall into a fantastic series!” -Outlaw's Lady, Amazon Verified review