Coming Home by Holly Kerr


Being sisters doesn't mean you get to be friends. At least not for Brenna and Cat.

Meet the Skatt sisters – five redheads with absolutely nothing in common except the fierce love they have for each other. They’re famous in the tiny town of Forest Hills for their father leaving them, the ghost of their mother hanging around, and the endless fights between youngest sisters Brenna and Cat.

For 14 years, Brenna has been ignoring her sisters’ pleas to come home for holidays, birthdays or even Canada Day festivities. She’s too busy with her life in Vancouver; a life she’s proud of even though it doesn’t make her happy.

When Brenna’s life implodes, she has nowhere to go but home to Forest Hills, the tiny town in Northern Ontario with bad cell service, no Starbucks and well-meaning townsfolk who know her every move. Every mistake. And when Brenna comes home, she makes more than a few mistakes. From falling asleep in the bathroom of the local bar to her morning tryst with a much younger man, Brenna gives the town a lot to talk about.

Living in Forest Hills, Cat’s tired of the town talking about her string of failed marriages, too many dogs and the fact she’s happy living with the ghost of their dead mother. Even though she’s finally stopped competing with Brenna, Cat doesn’t want her sister home, especially now that she’s found love with Brenna’s ex-boyfriend.

Will the two sisters be able to put aside the old grudges and work together? There’s a threat to the family back in town and Brenna and Cat’s knock-out, drag-down kitchen fight isn’t going to help matters.

Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is the hard part.

“Holly Kerr has done a beautiful job of crafting a family with real relationships–and an absolute delight to read.” – Amazon review