Bliss in the Storm by Lily Black


When Detective Elizabeth Rawlings spots a man spying on her during a rehearsal for Alexa and Drew’s wedding, she nearly has a heart attack. She could swear it’s her estranged husband, but Sean’s first love is his work as a National Geographic photographer and she’s sure he would never come to dull Willowdale. But, before she can corner the man a call comes in sending her to investigate a breaking and entering at a cabin.

Elizabeth is shocked to learn that the cabin belongs to Sean, and smells trouble. When she catches him watching her and her boys, he admits he’s worried because his videographer was killed in what might not have been an accident. She knows she has to help him, but that’s easier said than done, given the rising tension between them. Still, she has no choice. The sinister note he received right after his partner’s death and the cabin break in seem to have one connection—their twin boys. She’d do anything to protect her sons, but what if that means trusting Sean? Because a wedding plus mutual danger might prove a lethal threat to her heart.

“Lily Black has woven a thrilling tale of suspense into this romance that will keep you turning the page.” –Nicole, an Amazon reviewer