An Agent for Charity by Patricia PacJac Carroll


Charity found the ad to become a Pinkerton detective and knew it was her chance to break out of the pages of the books she read and live a life of adventure. She knew all about being a detective. She’d read countless books about it. After all, how hard could it be?

Seth is a good Pinkerton detective. A little rough on the outlaws that he brings in. It’s his temper. When lead detective, Archie Gordon, demands his agents are to be paired with new recruits, Seth is disgusted.

Then he finds out they’re women, and he’s ready to quit. Except he’s broke. And then when he finds out he has to marry her. Well, there just aren’t any words just the hope she’ll quit.
Thrown together on a case with a secretive client, a mysterious stranger, and mail order brides present a harrowing adventure with surprises.
A clean and wholesome sweet historical romance.

“Charity a bookworm ready for adventure was paired with Agent Seth, a very angry man. The case was a fun romp involving a mysterious woman. I loved this book.” Amazon reviewer