The Forest God's Bride by Genevieve St-Yves

To honor an ancient pact, Eva is chosen by her coven to wed a god. Unable to refuse with no less than the survival of herself and the witches on the line, the reluctant bride travels to the heart of the Night Forest to meet her groom. She has no intention of forging a true relationship with Eckhard, prince of the forest gods. Yet his patient and chivalrous nature compels her to let down her guard.

Just as much a pawn as Eva in the schemes of gods and witches, Eckhard must overcome Eva’s reluctance to bond. Their joining is key to restoring the gods’ waning power. Eva’s gruff kindness and hidden vulnerability sparks feelings that make him believe they can transform an arranged marriage into a real union.

The Swamp King, enemy of the forest gods, harbors an unrelenting desire to conquer the Night Forest and destroy Eva and Eckhard. Only the witch and the prince stand a chance of defeating the monstrous demon and saving their two worlds from his malevolent influence. Will it cost them their blossoming love and their lives?

Contains discussion of antiquated medical procedures and research practices that some readers may find disturbing

This is a fantastic blend of witches, fey (or old gods, as they're referred to in this novel) and a touch of emerging technology (steampunk!) The acerbic heroine and young god have to defeat personal demons in order to unite against the threat to both their peoples. I do love when both characters are equally needed to work together to defeat the villain and achieve their HEA. -Amazon Reviewer