The Best of Friends by N.J. Lindquist

When the new doctor’s family moves in across the street, high school senior Glen Sauten is happy to show the son, Charlie, around their small town. With his good looks, charisma, athletic ability, and sports car, Charlie soon has both teens and adults in his corner.

Except for Luke, Glen’s best friend since kindergarten, who dislikes Charlie on sight and longs to wipe that smile off his face!

And then there's Nicole, the prettiest girl in town (and the pastor’s daughter), who seems to like Charlie but has no intention of dating him. No matter how often he asks her.

As Glen navigates the hostility between Luke and Charlie and tries to help Charlie in his quest to date Nicole, he faces major problems—some life-threatening, others life-changing.

“Glen Sauten captured our sympathies as we rooted for him to stand up and discover himself…. Lindquist has found the teen voice, but writes to the emotional needs of all ages.” Janet and Stephen Bly