Sailing into the Storm- A Wren and Frog Adventure by Grant Allison

Winds are howling as Wren and Frog try and sail their small boat home.

Will they make it?

Adventurous 10-year-old cousins and their trusty dog, Rattler must use their wits to survive on the sea, alone.

Readers will love joining in on Wren and Frog’s adventures.

Exquisite illustrations and a well-crafted story are wiping out boredom, one reader at a time!
Get it now, and join the adventure!

Especially for teachers! Each story has a glossary of new vocabulary words perfect for classroom use (grade 2-3)!

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I loved everything about this story. The two cousins Wren and Frog remind of my own adventures as a child. My cousin and I were best friends and got into trouble a lot! The illustrations of the characters including Rattler are adorable. I will share this story with my granddaughter on our next visit. – Amazon Reviewer