Intended by Michelle Diener

Garek returns to his village, Pan Nuk, eager to check in with his mentor and then leave to find excitement and adventure anywhere but the suffocating confines of home. He knows he's one of the strongest guards in West Lathor, and than no one can call the change as well as him, but his mentor has a special job for him, an investigation that piques Garek's interest.

What piques Garek's interest even more, though, is his mentor's sister. Taya captivates him, causes him to reconsider whether leaving Pan Nuk really is the best decision for him. As their relationship blossoms, he finds the mystery Kas has given him to solve starts to endanger the woman he is falling in love with, and he will have to open his heart, and use every bit of his awesome strength, to keep her safe.

For fans of the Sky Raiders series, this one is for you . . .

SKY RAIDERS opens with Garek returning home to Taya, only to find her gone, and the whole village of Pan Nuk deserted. Garek is prepared to do anything to find his intended, and so begins the Sky Raiders trilogy, but how did Garek and Taya firest meet and fall in love?

This novella (12,500 words) is for fans of the series, set before the sky raiders arrive and before Garek goes off to Garamundo.

For those new to the Sky Raider series, an equally warm welcome—this is the prequel to the series, so you haven’t missed anything :).

“Elegant writing, an immersive world, compelling characters, and one of the best love stories I've ever read.” EM (Amazon)