Friends and Foes by Laina Turner

In this series prequel, Trixie is ecstatic that she is about to reach her lifelong dream of owning a shop which is a combination bookstore, coffee shop, wine bar. It's the best of all worlds. To make it even better she's doing it with her best friends Sally and Cora.

Everything is going smoothly until strange things start to occur. Someone trashes their store mere days before they are to open. Then Sally gets stranded when someone puts sugar in her gas tank.

Who has it in for them? Is it Sylvia, Sally's ex-husband's new girlfriend, or is someone trying to sabotage Read Wine?

3 close friends decide to open multi business store, a book store, coffee shop and wine bar. What could go wrong, nothing happens in a small town and this little shop could give the town something it's missing. Just as they're getting ready to open, they discover a dead body when they walk in to their shop one morning. Well this can't be good for their new business. This is the first book in this series and I'm already loving the series. Entertaining story line that keeps your interest, fun characters and an entertaining read. – Amazon Reviewer