Fool's Luck by Engy Neville

Amy McKinsey had everything going for her except for that one small thing … a serious case of bad luck.

Amy had a great job at Glitz, a lifestyle and fashion magazine in Los Angeles. With a promising career in marketing, great friends and a fabulous wardrobe, it diverted attention from her being a magnet for mishaps.

Her job was on the right track until her new boss, Sarah, a beautiful and vicious young socialite with zero work experience arrived on the scene, determined to wreak havoc on the marketing department starting with Amy’s job.

Beaten down and disheartened by Sarah’s daily verbal assaults, Amy pursued her dream job at Weisman Publishing in NYC in hopes of a new beginning. Was it possible to leave her misfortunes behind?

“I enjoyed reading Fool's Luck. It was a short but fun read where you immediately feel connected to Amy who applies for her dream job that will take her across the country from LA to NY.” – Amazon Reviewer