Riding From Richmond by Nan O'Berry

Caledonia McBride thought war destroyed her chance at happiness. But then an ad for marriageable women offers hope for a second chance, and soon letters from a lonely rancher fill her heart. Ready for a second chance, Caledonia pulls up her Virginia roots and travels west toward the promise of a new beginning.

Maxwell Barringer is a good friend. When three well-meaning ranch hands accidentally bring a young woman to town to be the bride of a man who's already married, he steps in to help his friends save face until they can raise the money to send her back to Virginia. The only problem is, the more he gets to know Miss Caledonia McBride, the harder it is for him to imagine her leaving.

As Caledonia settles into her new life at Rattlesnake Ridge, it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out. Can Max untangle the web before he falls for the blue-eyed beauty?

” I enjoyed every page and Nan has a way of taking you on the journey her characters take, full of joy, heartaches and my favorite a happy ending! Max was the perfect hero. I know you will be delighted with this story as much as I was!” Pam Foster