Hitting the Jackpot by Summer Prescott

Imagine winning a four million dollar jackpot.
Great, right?
At least it is until scary strangers mistake you for someone else, someone with a dangerous past.
With stars in her eyes and hope in her heart, freelance writer, Victoria “Tori” Jensen, leaves her hometown behind, desperately seeking some semblance of peace, quiet, and independence, while pursuing her dream of becoming a bestselling author. A few days after settling into the glamorous, and just-barely-affordable, desert playground of Palm Springs, Tori gets spooked by a sinister stranger, and flees to the bustling safety of a local casino, where she throws her last dollar into a slot machine, hitting the jackpot.

Dealing with a handsome, but infuriating, former high school classmate who is the only familiar face in her new desert hideaway, a narcissistic sister, Liz, who seems determined to ruin Tori’s relationship with her mother, and a dangerous criminal who wants to kill her over a case of mistaken identity, the writer hopes against hope that she’ll be able to protect not only her sanity, but her life!

Braxton Davies tossed aside his wealthy family’s expectations of him and chose an unorthodox career path which presently includes his gig as Head of Security at a Palm Springs casino. A blast from the past hits him squarely between the eyes when he finds himself coming to the rescue of a former high school classmate, Tori Jensen, who is being pursued by some very unsavory characters.
Brax doesn’t believe Tori’s terrifying tales at first, but soon gets caught up in protecting the stubborn young woman who happens to be the victim of a bad case of mistaken identity. The clock is ticking as Brax and his buddy, Deputy Sheriff Vance Reynolds, try to track down the killer before Tori Jensen becomes his next victim. The desert heat pales in comparison to the growing heat between Brax and Tori…something that neither of them will acknowledge.

“WOW, WOW, WOW this book was amazing. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I love the characters. The story was riveting and kept me in the edge of my seat the entire time. ” – Amazon Reviewer