Tamed & Unleashed – The Highlander's Vivacious Wife by Bree Wolf


Waking up alone after a drunken night with a stranger in Gretna Green, CLAUDIA DAVENPORT, sister to Viscount Ashwood, finds herself still unmarried…and with child. In order to preserve her reputation, her brother sends her to a remote estate so she can give birth in secret and then return to society, unscathed…but heartbroken.
However, when her child is kidnapped, Claudia can no longer deny the bond that connects her to her son. Alone, she sets out to discover his whereabouts…and her path crosses that of a stranger, who feels all too familiar.

After marrying an English lass in Gretna Green, GARRETT MACDRUMMOND returns to their room at the inn the next morning only to find her gone. Duty-bound to return to his clan in the Scottish Highlands, he counts the days until he can travel to England to find her. However, when he finally does discover her, he is shocked to realise that she does not remember him.

Determined to remind her of the fateful night they shared, Garrett refuses to leave her side, following her across England without knowing why.

Will Claudia ever remember him? Will Garrett ever learn that he has a child? Will they recover their son or lose him without ever having had the chance to know him?

“Wolf is an incredible author of great plot, but more than anything she is so good at capturing emotion and creating such a good backdrop for the characters to grow. Another favorite by her!!” – Amazon Review

“Wonderful and exciting!” – Amazon Review

“Great plot, wonderful characters, and a charming love story.” – Amazon Review