Kissing on Third by Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connolly, Sophia Summers


Levi Cox carved his baseball game out of the dirt. The hard way. Bouncing between foster homes as a kid, and trying everything he could do to protect his kid brother from bullies, Levi backs down from no one and has a record to prove it. Baseball has given him a purpose and a career. A way to provide for his brother. When Levi meets Finley Gray, he finds things happening to his heart that he never thought possible. She has her own broken past, using boxing as her outlet. Yet the more Levi gets to know Finley, the more he’s convinced they belong together. Breaking through Finley’s tough exterior might be Levi’s hardest challenge ever. But he has a feeling it will be more than worth it.

“*Sign* The Belltown Boys have all paired off. (Uh, can we have an epilogue?)
This is such a fun series of stand alone (yet the characters overlap) novels. I have looked forward to them all. This story is about Levi and his love interest. Finley is a boxer. That's something I don't read everyday. It was fun, and crazy. I especially liked this pairing of characters. I don't know; they felt more real. They were honest and the ‘drama' didn't feel fabricated. The chemistry between them was smile worthy.
I loved the side story of Finley's dad and Levi's teammates.” Amazon reviewer Annie Bug