By the Hands of Men, Book One: The Old World by Roy M. Griffis


A soldier fights for his soul in the trenches of France. A field hospital nurse battles death every day. Are duty and honor enough of a reason to go on in the hell of a world at war?

A mere mile from the blood-drenched front lines, Russian refugee and nurse Charlotte Braninov encounters English Lieutenant Robert Fitzgerald, who helps her save the life of another soldier. Robert’s calm, courtly manner lingers in Charlotte’s mind, a comforting memory amid the deluge of suffering that surrounds her when she returns to the hospital.

Wounded during an unauthorized mission of mercy, Robert Fitzgerald finds himself demoted to a Medical Supply Officer, where he once more meets the brave young Russian nurse. When Charlotte volunteers to help the Lieutenant learn about his duties in this new life of service, a quiet friendship blooms and love grows in that harshest of soils, even as the war rages on. But human cruelty and endemic disease claw at their lives. Can love survive in a world torn by warfare, greed, and deception?

“The Old World”, a novel that readers are calling “deeply moving,” “stunning,” and “magnificent,” is the first volume of the “By the Hands of Men” series. Epic historical fiction by Roy M. Griffis, the saga sweeps across four continents in a gripping tale of fate, loss, redemption, and love.

“The Start Of Something Amazing!”

Historical fiction is probably my favorite genre, when it’s well researched & well written of course, & I don’t mind at all if the tale is enhanced by a great love story, exactly what the “By the Hands of Men” series by Roy Griffis delivers! Centered around the inferno of WWI & it’s tumultuous aftermath, we’re immersed in the ardent romance between an expatriate Russian nurse serving with the British Army & a wounded British officer who find their lives torn asunder when he falls seriously ill & is shipped back to England with the expectation that he will die. The narrative takes us on a hair-raising journey to Russia during the heart of it’s bloody revolution & reveals the shattering atrocities committed in Belgian Congo during the reign of King Leopold. The series offers a sweeping view of much of the world at that pivotal time as we follow the harrowing tribulations of two intrepid people as they struggle to survive & find one another once more. I find the overriding theme to be that of man’s inhumanity to man, as well as, thankfully, our ability to rise above it.

I’ve enjoyed each of the books in this series & can highly recommend it to all who enjoy history & adventure, & more than a dash of romance!

–Adrienne Perry, Amazon Reviewer