Beauty and the Beach by Jamie K. Schmidt


Makoa Chay is content to be a bellhop at the Pakekaiko Beach Resort. There’s always sun, sand, and surf. When he meets the woman of his dreams out in the ocean one day, he's smitten. She’s funny, smart, beautiful, and thinks he’s leading man material instead of the sidekick who’s there for comic relief. Unfortunately, she’s half fish.

Ana Simpson needs the underwater acting gig, but that stupid tail they make her wear is going to drown her if she doesn't practice. When sexy surfer Makoa flirts with her every day, she thinks she could fall in love with him. The only problem is he thinks she's a real mermaid.

When Ana agrees to go to a wedding with Makoa, she feels silly pretending to be a mermaid pretending to be human. But the adoration he shows her is addicting. Every time they meet, there's a greater connection. Will he still love her when he realizes she's only human and not the fantasy he's created in his mind?

“A really sweet read and a fun romance … Once you start reading, you will not want to put it down.”– Amazon reviewer