Etti's Intended by Janet Lane

Etti's given a choice–leave Rafa, her new-found love and wed an oppressive, domineering man the marriage counsel has chosen for her–or be exiled by her tribe. What's a defiant, young Gypsy girl to do?

When her father, chief of the Gypsies died, headstrong Etti lost her status but none of her spirit. She's the first woman to race her horse in Marseilles. She survives attacks by her drunken brothers, the very men who should have protected her, and she's turned the head of Rafa, a delicious Gitano Gypsy from Spain with a tantalizing sense of adventure and breathtaking passion. She dares to break all the rules to pursue Rafa–and the exciting life she craves.

“Lane does a superb job creating layers to the Gypsy culture
… a must-have for fans of the series.” –Library Journal