25 Stories: The Life of an Indian Taxi Driver by Emma Carson

Vijay cheated death three times.

Sixteen-year-old Vijay Singh needed a way to better his life. Living deep in the forest with his family, having left school before the age of ten, his opportunities were limited.

He met a man who promised driving on the open road was the way to go. Vijay dedicated his life to learning the skills to become one of the most respected taxi drivers in his hometown of Mount Abu, India.

What he didn’t realize was how cruel the harsh Indian roads were or the unbearably long hours he would have to endure to provide for his family.

As he recounts some of his most memorable moments, you will laugh, be frustrated and appreciate your life more than you do today.

Vijay has opened up about his life to share how he overcame almost every situation with dignity, grace and self respect. Yet, it was not always that way. He shares the less than ideal obstacles where he was not his best, because it is those moments that he grew the most.

Enjoy each story and ask yourself… what you would do?