Mistress Grim by Jane Redd

The Grim Reaper has been collecting souls of the dead for hundreds of years, but even the Master of Death has to pass on his reign. Unfortunately, his progeny is not quite ready to replace him.

Cora Grim, daughter of the Grim Reaper, is suddenly thrust into her father’s role. Leaving the Underworld on her own to bring back the dead souls, she discovers that the Master of Death neglected to tell her one thing. She can still fall in love.

“Jane Redd does a fabulous job of building the Underworld and connecting it to mortals. The characters are easy to connect with, and their emotions are almost tangible, especially the feelings of love, longing, and loss. My attention was captured from the first page to the last, and I loved the way the different worlds were fastened together with fragile strings.” –Katie Watkins, Goodreads Reviewer