Lover's Intuition by Noelle Greene

Camille Jorgensen is starting over after a heartbreaking loss. On the night she meets reclusive vineyard owner Will Holloway, her sixth sense goes haywire. Although Camille’s intuition whispers that evil will strike, she doesn’t know when, why, or where.

Sweet and sexy Camille is Will’s worst nightmare. She senses the deep longing he tries to hide.

But tenderness checked out of Will’s soul long ago, and logic—unlike the people he loved—has never abandoned him.

After a friend is brutally murdered, Camille resolves to use her psychic gift to help find the killer. Now she and Will are in the crosshairs of a sociopath with powers of his own and a shocking secret.

Camille must outsmart both the sociopath and the drug cartel thugs tailing him, or she and Will won’t survive to find the love they deserve. If you like intense romance with a touch of supernatural, you'll enjoy Lover's Intuition, book 1 in the Blue Mill series.

“Unusual love story with lots of suspense and angst…” ~ Amazon reviewer