Expelled Reaper (The Lost Reaper Series Book 1) by Robyn Jenkins

Lara thinks she has the keys to the kingdom until they lock her out.

In life she may have led a brief and unremarkable existence, but she thrives as a reaper. She might even be one of the best reapers in eons, reaping more souls than most in the short time she’s been in Heaven. Or so she’s been told. Now on the outside of the pearly gates, she isn’t so sure. And the worst part…she doesn’t even know why she is exiled.

Is she being tested one last time to prove herself worthy?

Maybe. But after spending nearly three years trapped in corporeal form, the answer seems clear. Heaven has closed its doors on her for good.

Only as her angelic powers fade, she maintains the ability to see the dead. But if Heaven thinks she will still help the dead after letting her go, then they have another thing coming. She is done following orders. Well, that is the plan until she meets a spirit she can’t refuse.

“I loved reading this story very much and I can not wait till I read what the author writes next I love it so much.” – Amazon Reviewer