Dark Empathy by Katy Morgan

These are the rules:

1. Extremely rare and powerful empaths never escape the compound.
(Bastian Lucas escaped a year ago, and just because he’s been dragged back doesn’t mean he won't escape again at the first opportunity.)

2. Officers do as they’re told and never ask questions.
(Captain Henry Mortimer has followed orders his entire life, but Bastian’s arrival—and the disappearance of one of Henry’s team—have him wondering things he probably shouldn't be wondering.)

When Major Valentine orders Bastian and Henry to investigate a series of murders committed by an asset with powers very similar to Bastian’s, it brings to light more than just a cover up. Things like why an empath who shouldn't exist is killing senators, what exactly Valentine has been doing with the sinister asset program, and whether or not Bastian and Henry will live to see the end of this case.

Because they're in danger of breaking rule number three as well:

3. Don’t fall in love.

“This book absolutely deserves the five star rating! I had a hard time putting it down when I needed to (darn adulting). I fell in love with the main characters. Don't ask me to pick a favorite. I even began to feel for one of the antagonists. (Secretly, I hope to get more backstory about him in the next novel.) I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good secret, love and intriguing characters!!” ~ AJB (Amazon Reviewer)