Cursed Hearts by C. L. Cattano

Cursed Hearts is a love story transcending time and gender. Two souls, separated by a gift from a bored demon on All Hallows Eve, have been searching through time for each other and have been incarnated as both men and women. Over time, the gift became a curse and a game for the demons. Connected by the power of love, the two souls have finally met again, and now they must fight for a life together.

Will love prevail? Will they finally be able to live together again for a lifetime? They have one night to figure out the riddle and get it right to break the curse.

“WOW! This book had me at page one. I loved the storyline of true love finding each other every time. Amy reminded me of another character C.L has written…I kept thinking I need a gun. I really liked the way this story went and the characters were well developed. Thank you C.L for a great love story. I definitely recommend this book.” – Susan, Amazon Review

“Cursed Hearts by [C.L. Cattano] is quite possibly one of the five best books I've read this year! It is a bit of Highlander (without the swords) mixed with Groundhog Day and centers around All Hallows Eve. Treat yourself to this book for Halloween. Seriously!” – Darla Baker, Amazon Review