Butterfly Ops: Book One by Jen Doyle

Lyndsey Daniels doesn't have much time to walk down memory lane before she and Ian Fox find themselves thrown together to investigate the mysterious deaths of ten young men in the Canadian wilderness. How do the hearts of such seemingly normal, healthy men just…stop?

With the hint of an evil spirit in the wind—and a whole lot of butterflies—there's no telling what Lyndsey and Ian are dealing with, including their own extensive baggage. Though sixteen years is a lot of life to live, there's one thing they can't deny: their attraction is as intense as ever. But is it just a spark that will burn itself out, or is it true love bringing them back together? When the force they're hunting turns its sights on them, the leap of faith required far exceeds the powers of either of them. But worrying about their future might be premature because one wrong move and they might not make it out alive.

In Book One of the Butterfly Ops trilogy, Lyndsey and Ian reconnect fifteen years after seeing each other for what each thought was the last time. That the spark is still there is undeniable—but is it enough to get past the secrets and lies that tore them apart the first time around? With old tensions rearing their heads as new challenges arise, what at first seems to be a sure path back to trust and happiness is rockier than it seems.

Note: this is Book One in a serial trilogy. Books Two and Three are available now. Books should be read in order.

“OMG, this book is so good. This world is a paranormal one, but it's unlike anything you've ever read. While there are threads that give it an urban fantasy feel, it definitely has more of a military romantic suspense vibe…you know if military romance had vampires, demons, and real life superheroes in it. Yeah, this book has all of that, but it NEVER has the ethereal quality that you get with most paranormal fiction. This is a world set in the nitty gritty of the military where the military guys have been exploiting and then hunting down the paranormals…like Lyndsey.” ~ A rating/5 stars, Smitten With Reading