The Entangled Princess: A Bitter Kingdoms Romance by Shantal Sessions

A princess in disguise. An embattled warrior. A hundred year war. Secret lovers find stolen peace. Is their greatest love also their greatest threat?

Amid the ruins of endless war, Princess Marguerite of Asterias, Meg to those who love her, is determined to find a way to help her people. Unknown to her weary father and domineering brother, she secretly steals away from the castle to feed and clothe the hungry in her kingdom. She hopes desperately to find someone, some way to save their country.

Captain Nicholas Sheppard is Edmira’s most capable soldier and spy. A soldier since his youth, he snatches victory from Asterias in the moment Edmira seemed certain to lose. Tales of his exploits have become the stuff of legends, and to his enemy he is known as the famous Wolf Knight.

When Meg and Nicholas meet by accident, they find solace and a measure of stolen peace in their clandestine rendezvous away from the bloody fields of battle and wearying responsibilities. As they navigate the political intrigue between their countries and work to end a century-long war, each trying to outwit the other side, they never know that their greatest love and greatest threat are one and the same.

“The Entangled Princess” is a medieval-era romance novel of more than 90,000 words. It is the first in a series and the debut novel of Shantal Sessions.

If you like fast-paced historical novels, full of emotion, dreamy warriors, action/adventure, and captivating scenery, then you will love this stand-alone romance novel.

This was an enchanting romance with twists and turns on every page. I read it in one sitting because I was enthralled with it to the very end. Another great book by a wonderful author!!
~CaroLee, Amazon Reviewer