Steadfast by Shirleen Davies

He’s secretive and commanding. She’s having none of it.

Steadfast, Book One, Eternal Brethren Military Romantic Suspense Series

Caid “Wrath” McCord never anticipated being tapped to lead a deep cover Navy SEAL team. Never one to shirk his duty, the transition from sea-loving warrior to president of an undercover motorcycle club is as smooth as a ride on his beloved Harley. Nothing interferes with his devotion to his men and their missions…until he meets a fiery, mysterious, motorcycle-riding woman who has all his senses on high alert. 

Cara Mortensen considers herself a survivor. With three older brothers, she became a fighter at an early age. Following the death of her SEAL husband and the discovery of his hidden life, starting over in Liberty Lake is a welcome change. No one knows about her past, which is how she wants to keep it. Except she can’t shake the determined president of a local motorcycle club, a man who could be perilous to her life as well as her heart.

Even as walls between them begin to tumble, dangers exist which threaten not only Wrath and his men, but the woman he can’t push from his thoughts. Only his steadfast determination will keep her safe and in his life.

Can he shelter her from danger and his secret life without losing the trust she so fiercely guards? 

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She moved closer. “We’ve never talked about the Eternal Brethren. What is your job, Wrath?”

“That’s easy. I’m the president.”

“The president of an outlaw gang which is most likely involved in illegal activities. Or am I misunderstanding?”

He shifted to look at her, his gaze intense. “We’re a club, not a gang, and I perform the same tasks as anyone who’s in charge of an organization. Nothing nefarious, I assure you.”

Cara studied his face before looking away, slipping her hand from his. “If you’re going to lie, please don’t answer at all.”

Wrath startled at the disappointment in her voice. It had been years since he’d heard the sentiment from anyone. He definitely didn’t like hearing it from Cara.

“Look, my job and the club aren’t as complicated as you think. Contrary to what people might believe, we aren’t into illegal activities. I’m in charge of all the businesses we own, plus I’m always looking for other lucrative ventures. Much the same as anyone else, every member has a regular job in one or more of our businesses. You’ve met some of the men. Did they look like criminals to you?”

Thinking of the tall, muscled, tattooed men who’d worked on her bike, she lifted a brow. “Are you certain you want an answer?”

Crossing his arms, he chuckled. “I suppose not. Regardless, they’re mechanics. That’s it.”

Cara stared at the water, her head lowered. “My late husband worked in Coronado. Several times, we met friends for drinks and dinner in Imperial Beach, a town not far away. One night, we walked into a local bar. It was full of members of the Mongols. Other than a few hostile glances, they left us alone. The way they looked, their body language and grotesque tattoos, piqued my curiosity.”

Wrath watched as she walked to the edge of the lake, picked up a stone, and skimmed it across the top. “I mentioned it to a colleague at work the following Monday. An hour later, one of the partners called me into her office.” Cara shot him a contemptuous smirk. “Turns out the Mongols used our law firm for their legal matters. She’d been looking for a junior attorney to help her with their needs. That person was me until I came to Liberty Lake.”

She walked toward him, stopping between his spread legs. “We did nothing regarding criminal defense. My work involved agreements and family law. Seems even members needed help with divorce, custody, and support, the same as anyone. I met with their local president and vice president a few times. Not often, but enough.”

Wrath took her hands in his. “Enough?”

“Enough to get a sense of what it took to be successful in an outlaw motorcycle gang. These men were brutal with little remorse for any of their actions.” Cara met Wrath’s gaze, searching for something she couldn’t define. “I don’t believe you’re anything like the Mongols. Yet you present yourself as an outlaw club. So I have to ask myself, who are the Eternal Brethren?”