Tabor's Trinket by Janet Lane

Lord Tabor doesn’t mind playing the Arranged Marriage card to save his lands–until he’s enchanted by the beautiful Gypsy-slave-turned-dancer, Sharai, who’s astute enough to realize that life in a nunnery would be safer than being his mistress. Tabor navigates the political tightrope preceding the War of the Roses to save their love.

A Gypsy girl escapes a slave ship devastated by plague. Years later, Sharai performs her silky, exotic dances to sustain herself and the toddling orphan she adopted. She yearns to escape the grinding poverty and find a home. Violated by a nobleman posing as her hero, she eschews any other man of title and scorns the dubious Gypsy king who pursues her. Her life changes when she meets the dashing Lord Tabor.

Though possessed of a stately castle and prosperous lands, young Lord Tabor teeters on the brink of losing all his holdings. A powerful noble has attacked his castle, determined to seize his lands. Tabor seeks revenge, but England’s throne is held by an infant king, and the realm is paralyzed with uncertainty and lawlessness.

Then a stroke of good fortune helps Tabor, a sizable dowry that can save his holdings. He need only wed an earl’s daughter, the regal Lady Emilyne. But he has fallen in love with Sharai and they’re locked in a powerful dance of desire. His refusal to abandon Sharai plunges them into life-and-death struggles–and a painful choice between duty and love.

“It's about fighting for love no matter the social status–cultural differences, confidence–all beautifully crafted into a powerful love story.” … Dawn, Amazon Reviewer