Restless Billionaire by Cheryl Phipps

The Billionaire Knights are young, rich, and part of San Francisco’s elite. Each member holds an important position in the family company.

On a rare vacation, naturally tacked on to business. Ethan Knight is going to sail and maybe work on a tan as soon as he can clinch the deal. Peace and quiet, what could be better?

Then he finds heaven. Macy Heaven, to be precise. Despite the name, his life suddenly becomes anything but peaceful.

Macy doesn’t need a man and isn’t interested in one who can buy and sell her family’s marina a hundred times over. Someone who isn’t used to fighting to pay bills or has a sick parent to care for. Someone who is so hot, the water in Heaven Bay isn’t cold enough to cool the fire he’s creating simply by being near.

Is it possible to change your life so radically, on a mere possibility?

“This is a story not to be missed. The plot is enjoyable and keeps your interest from start to finish. Two people from such different backgrounds find each other and have such chemistry. I loved watching these two characters navigate their blossoming relationship.” ~ Coffee Chat