Her Billionaire Lifeguard by Sophia Summers

Mistaken Identity. A woman in hiding. And a man who is determined to win her over.

She won't even glance his way. Uninterested. Until she thinks he's just the lifeguard. Go figure.

Then Trey discovers Scottie is really the daughter of his deceased hero and business mentor. He will stop at nothing to help her even if it means pretending to be the hotel staff and hanging out in a local dive.

But trust is hard won when you've seen betrayal and right when she needs him most, Trey might be on the outs forever.

Join us in this story of charming Mexican vacation spots, humorous romantic moments, and a romance chockfull of heart warming efforts to win over the love of this billionaire's life. Grab your copy.

“What a fun romance!” –early ARC reader