Beverly by Dianne Harman

Beverly is starting over and taking charge of her life. She’s moved, has her own business, two puppies, friends, and most surprising to her, a new relationship! But can she trust her heart to him?

It’s hard to let go of old hurts. If you’re over fifty and have ever been betrayed by someone, you need to read this book and know that miracles can happen and dreams can come true.

5.0 out of 5 starsBeverly: A Midlife Journey
February 5, 2019
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Well, this book seemed likened to my life. But it’s not, I was nearer to 40. But trust, deceit, lies, can be hard to overcome at any age! Bev, moved, began a new career and had a few friends where she moved to. Then, her blog took off about cooking with wine, she and Carol go to a wine festival, had fun on a shopping spree after a mishap in the car with tea and an iced muffin!
The a man smiled as they get on the hotel elevator and they get nervous about his sly smile. Well, it’s a laugh out loud incident. It gets even better as things move a long and that’s my review… you just need to read this book no matter what age you are! ~ Shirley, Amazon Reviewer