Exposed: The Education of Sarah Brown by Michele E. Gwynn

In Barcelona, a womanizing photographer unleashes the full force of his charm on small-town Texas librarian, Sarah Brown — a heady cocktail that threatens to steal her heart, a prize he admits he doesn’t want. Still, she can’t resist him, and finds herself experiencing the heights of ecstasy and lows of heartbreak as her lover disappears without a word. In Berlin, a handsome Dutch Lothario seeks to seduce her, but his sordid past catches up, ensnaring Sarah and her new friends in a twisted family feud. When one of them goes missing, dark secrets are revealed, sparking an international manhunt. Will they expose the predator before it's too late?

Welcome to The Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series; your passport into a world of dark passions, international crime, and ever-present danger.

5 STARS ***** Strongly Recommended!
“If you like spicy hot reads with non-stop adventure and intrigue, immerse yourself in ‘[Exposed}The Education of Sarah Brown.” ~ NetGalley

“HOT! Keeps you on your curled toes!” ~ DayReader Reviews