Chain of Salt and Water (A Cure to Kill For Series, Book 1) by Tim Sabados

Intricately woven, this psychological thriller is packed with intrigue and begs the question… Would you risk your own life and the lives of those you love to save millions marked as sinners?

When two college students rescue the cure for a deadly virus from destruction, no one and nowhere is safe. By day, Anthony and Lianna must outrun and outsmart a faceless killer before they pay the ultimate price—their lives.

By night, dream walking becomes a terrifying exercise of mind and body. If Anthony can't learn to control his unique dream walking abilities, then the Reaper will continue to drag unsuspecting souls to the darkest depths of the underworld. Agendas with dangerous consequences lurk around every corner, but Anthony and Lianna can't stop or the people they care about will be lost forever.

As lives cross and intertwine, mysteries are exposed and killer’s motives unravel. Anthony and Lianna discover not everything is what it seems, and sometimes those you trust the most hide the truest evil.

Readers who enjoy thrillers with a slow burn and a hefty dose of mystery along with paranormal undertones will enjoy this story.

“Unbelievably different! The narrative is so unexpected and took me completely by surprise. There are so many sub-plots, twists, and turns, I couldn't put it down because I had to know what happened next!” ~Reviewer