End Times by P. A. Duncan

“The end times are here.”

A botched carjacking leads U.N. spies Mai Fisher and Alexei Bukharin to research America's extreme right-wing, a bleak world of militias, paramilitary compounds, and racist religion. Then, the U.S. government requests The Directorate's assistance for a standoff with a religious cult in Texas. There, they not only make an enemy of the FBI's special agent in charge, but Mai also spots a young man among the protesters, a man whose vacant expression reminds her too much of herself.

After the FBI rejects their plan for a peaceful resolution, Mai and Alexei hunt the young man at gun shows around the country. To encounter him, Mai revives a cover name from a mission that almost killed her. Alexei searches for the “right” compound to infiltrate. They soon realize these homegrown extremists are serious–and dangerous. They want to dismantle the U.S. government and replace it with an autocracy straight out of their favorite dystopian novel. Meanwhile, John Thomas Carroll, the man Mai spotted in Texas is at the end of his proverbial rope. No job, no prospects for the future, helpless to save the life of a child he loved, he wants to end his life–until he remembers a woman he met at a gun show.

Has Mai Fisher unknowingly given a terrorist a reason to live?

End Times is the first book in the series, A Perfect Hatred.

“Mai's mindful strength interacts with Alexei's heavy duty support, making for an enjoyable and intelligent read.” — J. Russ Briley, author of One Man, Two Votes and Two Dirty for DC