The Highlander’s Secret Vow by Eliza Knight

From the bestselling author of the Stolen Bride Series comes a brand new and exciting family saga! For fans of Scottish historical romance, the Sutherland Legacy propels you into the Highlands with tales of daring adventure, irresistible heroes and passion!

When Liam Sutherland was a lad of fifteen summers, he saved a Sassenach lassie’s life, and secretly vowed to always keep her safe. As the prized warrior for his clan, and youngest son of the laird, his responsibilities at the castle continue to mount, and just when he’s about to forge a name for himself, he receives a mysterious missive that has the power to make him leave everything behind.

Cora Segrave, daughter of an English baron, owes her life to the Scot who saved her years ago during a border raid. When her family home is destroyed, and they are taken prisoner, there is only one man she knows can save her—the one man she’s never been able to forget.

Answering Cora’s plea for aid will jeopardize Liam’s reputation, and maybe even cause a rift with his family, but a vow is a vow, and he cannot turn his back on her—or his heart. The only choice he has is to save her before it’s too late, and pray his family and king will understand. In saving her, just maybe he’ll be able to save himself. 

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He had his orders. And by following them, Liam would maintain his reputation as the greatest warrior in all the land—and savior of the people. He’d leave behind a legacy unmatched by any other battles he’d waged yet.

But held in his hands were words written with splotches of ink, smeared lettering, showing it was scratched out not only in fear, but in a frenzy. Cora was in trouble.

Flashes of her frightened face filled the space behind his eyes, joined with the lad’s warning that his mistress might be dead already. His heart squeezed hard, almost to the point of pain. 

Never had he imagined that his life could circle back to him like this. How could he risk a detour to save her? And how could he not save her? The woman was in distress. And no matter how long ago it had been, or how young he’d been when he’d pledged to always protect her, he couldn’t go back on it now. Especially when any distress she was in now, was his fault, for he’d turned away from her at every chance he had to grasp on tight.

And yet he risked the mission his king had given him. Risked the trust his sovereign had put in him. For a woman.

There was no doubt he would never be trusted again.

As the second son of a powerful laird and earl in the Highlands of Scotland, Liam had spent the better part of his life proving he was every bit worthy of being Magnus Sutherland’s son, and as good a warrior—if not better. Not that his father had ever made him feel less or doubt himself. But when one was born to a legend, one must not only live up to expectations, but also surpass them.

He was Liam Sutherland, distinguished Highland warrior. There was a reason his father had chosen him to lead their army during battles. A reason that Liam was the one selected to go up against challenges on the list field during tournaments. A reason why the king had picked him, trusted him, with this very important mission.

And yet a vow was a vow, and a man was only as good as his word. He muttered an expletive from deep within his throat.“Change of plans.” Liam nodded at Tad. “Put the lad back on his horse.”

The lad looked at him with terror and doubt.

Liam held out his hand. “Sir Liam Sutherland. I will answer her summons.”

Eyes wide as the targes attached to their saddles gazed at him. “You are he?” The lad’s voice was so breathy he seemed on the verge of passing out cold.

“Aye.” Liam gritted his teeth. How was he going to explain this? How was he going to explain the secrets he’d kept? 

The men knew better than to argue with Liam’s decision, and none showed any sign of questioning him. They trusted him. And good thing, because Liam wasn’t prepared to answer any of their queries with regards to the lass. 

That being said, he was certain Tad was going to probe the hell out of him later, because Tad was his closest friend, and even the best warrior needed someone to question him now and then.

Hell, he didn’t even know what he’d say. For he was uncertain of it all himself. All he knew was that he had to go. There wasn’t a choice. 

“Let us go afore ’tis too late,” he said to his men and the lad. “Get your wits about ye, for ye will lead us.”

“Aye, sir.” The lad nodded emphatically, scrambling to take up his reins. He stared up at Liam with a mixture of fear and admiration.

“Go on then, we’ve no time to lose. But dinna get yourself killed. Take it easy on the horse.” Liam indicated the road, and the lad urged his horse into a gallop with Liam and his men following at a more reasonable pace than when the lad had come barreling toward them to begin with.

All the while, lichen-colored eyes haunted his memory. What would she look like now? Was she still as beautiful? Of course, she was. Even in her youth, she’d been striking. And not because he’d seen her flying over a moor as though trying to outrun an avalanche. Not because when he’d caught up to her, she had indeed flown over the head of her horse, and he’d barely caught her before she broke her neck. In the dark of the woods, he’d kissed her, his first kiss, and had sworn never to kiss another—a declaration he’d failed at miserably. Every time he’d kissed another, he’d thought of her…