Velocity Rising by Angie Arland


War rages across the galaxy.

The Terudithans are prepared to destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way.

With the battle for Earth lost, the United Earth Fleet continues its search for the Terudithan home world.

Soldiers of the UEF follow only one rule; keep fighting forward, no matter the cost.

Aiden Lomax is no hero, but he’s a survivor and a fighter and he’s prepared to fight until his dying breath to defeat the aliens. With his wife and son dead, planet Earth over-run with alien vermin, Aiden figures he has nothing left to lose. As Squad Leader of Scout Ship TC-32, Aiden’s first job is to protect his crew. But when a Terudithan cruiser locks on to his ship, he is forced into making hard and fast decisions.

Out gunned and out manned can Aiden rise to the challenge and be the hero humanity needs?

Or will he and his crew meet their demise like so many others before them?

“The narrative is so fine and realistic it pulled me in and I was drawn into the story, mind and heart, so engrossed I was, nervous with anticipation to know the outcome, to know where it all led to, at the same time not wanting the book to end.” – Amazon reviewer.