The D.E.V.I.N. Series: Books 1-3 by Katina Gavin


Angel has just one assignment left. After burning out from years with the SEALs and the DEA, he's ready to settle down and start a new chapter in his new life. When the investigation of a double homicide leads him to Lindsey's door, he knows that she's the one. But eight years after burying her husband, can Lindsey learn to let go and try again?

One Step Closer – Joe Running Deer has spent the last thirteen years in the SEALs and loved every minute. He has also loved Sydney Wheeler for almost as long. She’s turned down all his marriage proposals, but that hasn’t stopped him from loving her. He’s decided to give her what she wants but when he returns from his last mission, she’s gone. Sydney’s on the run and Joe’s gut is telling him she’s in trouble, it’s time to bring her home so he can protect her.
Sydney has run to Ireland for a very good reason, the man hunting her is determined to end all ties between them. Constantly looking over her shoulder for threats has taken its toll, she’s tired, but the thought of involving anyone in her mess keeps her from reaching out. Joe is constantly on her mind but she knows there isn’t a chance of rekindling the relationship they once had, not after what she’s done…

When Love Takes Over -A virtuous, heartbroken marine. A romance-hungry virgin. Do they have to pick and choose between love… and lust?

Cameron Savage is brave on the battlefield but not in matters of the heart. The marine’s last girlfriend left him wounded, and he feared he’d never fall in love again. But the new girl in his life is special, and he’s not going to let anything ruin their connection…

Between her studies and her career, Kim never had time for romance. With her life in order, she hopes the shy, brawny marine could be her one true love. Little does she know that Cameron has vowed to protect her virtue and virginity until their wedding night…

As Cameron’s newfound abstinence keeps Kim from getting the intimacy she craves, their relationship takes a turn. Is their love strong enough to make it to the honeymoon?

“Love each and every character. Lots of action, suspense, love and family values. Couldn't put it down. Secrets and the imagination of the story line is superb.” Amazon reviewer.