Like a Dream by Shina James


trapped into staying with her mysterious aunt Leona and two cousins. It is then where they completely dominate her life and force her to move away from her home in Stillwater, Oklahoma to Columbia, Missouri. This usually upbeat and witty teenager is now suicidal and depressed as she’s forced into their world of hatred. If she tries to flee or escape she has been reassured that her beloved grandparents will be killed immediately. The moment she settles into her petrifying reality, Amelia becomes bombarded with nightmares about the past that reveals a terrible crime.

With her back against the wall and no way out, Amelia gains a few unexpected allies that help her overcome her worst enemy—her aunt Leona. They give her the strength she needs to fight and take back the life that was stolen from her. But what Amelia didn’t plan on was to fall in love with Aaron—a mesmerizing boy from her dreams. Every nerve in her body gravitates to him as they fall deeper in love.

But slowly Amelia begins to realize that nothing was ever just a coincidence and there is something far greater and dangerous in store for her.

“OMG! Like a Dream was the best read I've had in a very long time. It had me hooked from the first chapter. I literally would read this book after waking up and before going to bed. I even found myself taking breaks at work to get my fix. The book was very well written. It grabs your attention and makes you feel like your right there going through the motions with the characters in the book. I think it was refreshing of the love and feelings Amelia and Aaron have for each other. ” —Amazon Reviewer