Cookies and Chaos by C. A. Phipps


Maple Falls, the home of delicious treats, yard sales, and a close-knit community, is in danger!

Someone has a chip on their shoulder and it isn’t made of chocolate.
Madeline Flynn, her posse of girlfriends, Gran, as well as Big Red, her faithful Maine Coon, are whisking up an investigation that will take all their sleuthing skills to solve as they wade through clues as thick as cookie batter, hoping that the timer won’t go off on another murder.
With handsome Sheriff

Ethan Tanner’s protection, can Maddie and her team solve this Maple Falls crime or have they taken on more than they can chew? 
The Maple Lane Mysteries are light cozy mysteries featuring a quirky, cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth. 

You can catch up with Maddie’s earlier exploits in –
Book 1: Apple Pie and Arsenic, and
Book 2: Bagels and Blackmail, Then
Book 4: Doughnuts and Disaster.
No swearing, gore, or graphic scenes.

“Maddie & Ethan are such a cute couple. I love a good mystery and romance!!! There is more romance IMO in this book than the previous ones in this series. Luke, Beth, Gran and the Girlz are great side characters!!! Can't forget Ethan's sister and nephews. I'll have to say I was a little baffled by the mystery and who done it – I love to figure it out before the ending. A really cute, sweet read – can't wait for the next book!!!!” by Renee 5*