6-Pack Rancher by Em Petrova


Actor Bellarose Abbott finds herself completely out of her element the minute her private jet touches down in rural Washington State. The big hats and boots speak volumes that she isn’t in Hollywood anymore. But the producer of her latest TV series wants authentic ranch scenery as well as action, which means Bellarose must learn to… ride a horse?

Kingsley Yates, known by those that matter as King, has spent a lifetime dreaming of establishing his own thoroughbred horse bloodline on his ranch. To do that he needs one hell of a horse—with one hell of a price tag attached to it. Just when he thinks his dream’s out of reach, an offer lands in his lap that could mean the cash he needs. And a huge pain in his backside.

Having a famous actor shadowing his every move on the ranch is irritating enough, but does Bellarose have to be drop-dead gorgeous too? At every turn, he’s thinking of having his way with her when he should be teaching her the ropes to earn that cold, hard cash. Bellarose has dated a lot of gorgeous men, but those pretty boys have nothing on King. Could she be smitten with the hardened rancher or is this all from working closely? One thing’s certain—she’s never had a kiss, on or off-camera, as hot as King’s.

Em Petrova has set the bar high with this cracking start to her new series.~Goodreads Reviewer