Let There Be Life by Melissa Storm


Can they find something true amidst all the lies? Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Liz Benjamin has lost her place in the world. With her closest friends both preoccupied by a sport she has no interest in and her father having recently remarried a woman she loathes, it’s enough to make Liz pack her bags and leave Anchorage for good. That is, until a handsome stranger arrives in town and starts asking all the wrong questions.

Investigative reporter Dorian Whitley is on the verge of a career-making discovery. But he hadn’t counted on a beautiful, spirited, infuriating woman thwarting him at every turn.

Could she somehow be the key to uncovering his story? And could he be the one to help her find her place in life once more? Most of all, what will happen when his investigation reveals truths they’d both rather keep hidden?

Harkening to the great literary traditions of Pride and Prejudice and Cinderella, Let There Be Life is a new twist on the most epic of love stories. Don’t miss the chance to lose your heart to a whole community of sled dogs and the humans that love them in this tale set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness. Order your copy today!

“A little suspense, a little love, a little mystery, but a whole lot of good reading!” ★★★★★ from Dena Tyndall