Abby, a Second Chance Novel by Tina DeSalvo


She comes from Hollywood Royalty, which makes her fall from grace all the more interesting to millions of people who have no idea what Abby McCord is going through. Instead of following in her family’s acting footsteps Abby made her own way as an attorney. She also joined her good friend, Elli, in raising money for a cause near and dear to her heart, until someone steals their famous donors’ money and personal information. And the police believe the thief is her. Now she’s run from one LA to another as she hides in Cane, Louisiana trying to get by until she can get home.

Too bad there isn’t a statute of limitations on the public’s memory.

Jackson Bienvenu spent his adult life in the military because he wanted to get out of Cane and away from the people who know his desperate beginnings. Now all he wants is to come home and start a life and family in the one place he knows he belongs. And, this infuriatingly secretive woman who needs work until she can move on does not fit into the future he wants.

Unfortunately, Jackson and Abby are both discovering that what your head has planned and what your heart wants don't always work together…

“Tina DeSalvo weaves an intriguing and mysterious contemporary romance with Abby, filled with entertaining and colorful characters.”
-USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes

“A well-plotted novel with a cast of characters that readers will quickly learn to love. It has a great mystery, interesting personalities and a sweet romance. . . while the quirky secondary characters, especially Tante Izzy and her friends, will keep you laughing.” Susan Roberts, RT Top Pick!