STARRED FEATURE: Unclean by A.M. Manay

Unbroken. Unbowed. Unstoppable.

Sometimes love comes after marriage, and sometimes peace requires a war. In this sequel to the award-winning Hexborn, Shiloh and Silas are in real trouble. The kingdom of Bryn is in danger just as dire.

The new queen is out for blood, and her allies in the church begin a purge as brutal as it is efficient. Queen Esta has not forgotten Silas’s role in her mother’s ouster, nor is she sanguine about Shiloh’s possible claim to her throne. Soon, Silas sits alone in the Dark Tower while Shiloh labors under the cruel eye of the most powerful priest in the realm, a man with evil ambitions of his own.

Not content to wait for help that might never come, Shiloh is determined to save herself, Silas, and the innocents who surround her. New friends help her to form a daring plan as Silas works desperately to wield influence at court from inside his prison cell.

Can Shiloh harness her magic in a new way to rescue herself, her husband, and the people of Bryn? Can she face a future that is not the one she would have chosen? And will Silas still be by her side?

Manay's newest novel, Unclean, will leave you begging for more! I can't get enough of her multi-dimensional characters and their magical world. –Yvette Calleiro, Fantasy Author