Touch by Anna Ellis

Book 1 in the Touch series

What happens when you meet the man of your dreams… and his wife?

Kenna has spent the last two years alone, focusing on her writing and healing from a painful divorce. Dates are few and far between and romance isn’t on the radar. Kenna doesn’t realize she’s lonely until she makes a new friend in Iliya.

Iliya is beautiful, vivacious and sexy. Kenna is drawn to her immediately. And then she meets Iliya’s husband. Del is smart, successful and kind. He’s everything Kenna would ever want in a man. But he’s married to Iliya.

Iliya and Del are quick to welcome Kenna into their lives. But Kenna is consumed with the feelings she develops for Del…and Iliya. She’s ready to back away until Iliya confesses her attraction for Kenna…an attraction shared by Del.

Iliya and Del want to include Kenna in all aspects of their life. Is this what Kenna wants? Can she handle to touch of others?

“Touch is the first book in a new series, and if the next books are as good as this one it promises to be a great series. The book cover calls this ‘an unconventional love story', and with what we've seen so far I'd definitely agree with that statement! I like the author's style of writing, and I absolutely love the characters that she's created. The three main characters all have the likability factor, and I'm look forward to getting to know them further in the next book.” – Amazon Review