The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd by Holly Kerr

Book 1 in the Charlotte Dodd series

Charlotte Dodd dreams about being a spy.

Not the cartoon-y, Kim Possible type of daydream, where she takes down the office bad guy without breaking a nail, but real-life, Alias-type dreams where Charlotte can take down Jennifer Garner in her prime.

And one day her dreams come true. What begins as a Good Samaritan move on the street leads to Charlotte opening a can of whup ass on two armed thugs, leaving her confused, but ready for more.

When she is taken aboard a futuristic private plane, things get real. Real, like Charlotte is a secret agent, working for the National Intelligence and Information Agency, a covert Canadian spy organization.

But why doesn’t she remember?

Hamilton Short tries to explain her role in NIIA, telling her about the missions she’s been involved with like infiltrating a North Korean prison and blowing up a laboratory in Mexico City but Charlotte’s only memories are hazy dreams. The dreams she’s had about Ham are much more vivid—and kind of embarrassing in the hot kind of way.

If Charlotte is a spy, her first mission is going to be to find out what happened to her. And what Ham really means to her.

If you like your chick lit with a side of action, grab your copy of The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd

“Author Holly Kerr has created a fabulous new genre “Women's Adventure Chick Lit”. Yes, there's some foodie elements, and some kissing and good-looking guys but what makes this an over-the top- exciting new read is the non-stop action, intrigue and adventure. And the stars of this thriller are strong, purposeful, beautiful… women!” – Amazon review